2010 Minutes

5520 19TH STREET
7:00 P.M.

The meeting was called to order by President Rita Melton at 7:05 P.M.

Board Members present were:

Rita Melton, President
Loretta Downey,  Treasurer
James Knight
Paul Combest
Don Richardson, Secretary

Guest Speakers present were:

Jim Gilbreath, City Councilman
Larry Hertel, City of Lubbock
Kerry Miller, Parkhill, Smith & Cooper
Lance Jerden, City of Lubbock
Mike Shipman, City of Lubbock Police Dept.

The sign-in sheet indicated  35  attended

2. The Minutes of the 2009 Annual Meeting were read by Don Richardson and the minutes were approved.

3.  The Treasurers Financial Report was given by Loretta Downey and approved.

4.  An update presentation and discussion was made by Kelly Miller with Parkhill, Smith & Cooper as it relates to the Northwest Passage Project.  The project is on schedule to be completed toward the end of this year or the first part of next year.   Handouts were available to all attendees to review the project and how it will impact the Whisperwood neighborhood.  As to the landscape efforts down Slide Rd., Mr. Miller said that 40 trees have been planted and grass sod will be laid to enhance the overall appearance of the Slide Rd. corridor from 4th street to Loop 289.  An irrigation system has been implemented to water the landscape. These areas will be maintained by the City of Lubbock. Also present from the City of Lubbock Engineering Dept. was Larry Hertel who answered various questions regarding the traffic movement and control within the neighborhood.  Numerous attendees complained about the traffic movement, particularly speed down N. Utica Ave. and N. Troy Ave.  He and Jim Gilbreath, our Councilman who was also present suggested that we petition the City to look at traffic calming devices and a meeting with the City will be scheduled as soon as feasible to review these issues.  Rita will be advised of the date and time.

5. James Knight made a presentation as it regards the grounds and pool area.  He reported on the pool and said that the updating & repairs on that has been completed along with the sprinkler systems. He stated that the pool would be open beginning May 29th through August 22nd and then on Labor Day Weekend and the weekend prior to that and then it will be closed for the year.  Any one needing to reserve the pool house will need to see James and request a form to fill out and become aware of all rules and regulations regarding pool safety and usage.  Entry cards to the pool can be picked up at the pool or call Loretta if for some reason your entry card is not there.

6. Rita discussed the watch program and security program within our neighborhood.  She advised everyone to keep back outside lights burning at night and to keep doors locked and garage doors down at all times.  She reported that we continue to have gang graffiti issues being displayed on our neighborhood brick walls and we would continue to notify the City at each occurrence to have the graffiti removed.

7. Our City Councilman, Jim Gilbreath was invited to speak regarding City issues that are going to affect us in the neighborhood, he stated that the City has a 100 plus year water supply and that the Lake Alan Henry pipeline is on schedule to be completed in 2012 and we are seeing the cost effects of that on our monthly water bills. He stated at completion of the project, Lubbock can expect to receive 50% of our maximum daily needs from Lake Alan Henry.  He also stated that Lubbock was in great financial shape and that we have a great quality of life here and we all need to be thankful, considering what is going on in other parts of our country.  A question was raised to Mr. Gilbreath as concerns our large water bills to water the Whisperwood Blvd. areas,  Mr. Gilbreath and a member of our neighborhood in attendance suggested we contact the High Plains Underground Water Conversation District to begin a study of the cost efficiency of having our own water well. A meeting with them is planned in the very near future.

8. Lance Jerden with the City of Lubbock was also invited to speak regarding letters that have been mailed or will be in the process of being mailed to all homeowners in the City, the letter is in regards to a requirement being initiated by the City that will require each homeowner with a sprinkler system to have it inspected to see if it meets new code regulations, namely making sure a back flow preventer is in place.  This is all being done to protect our water supply.  Everyone was given Mr. Jerdens phone numbers should they have further questions regarding these issues.

9. Rita stated that we would have our Annual Community Garage Sale on Saturday, October 2, 2010 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Joe Mingolla has volunteered to be the Garage Sale Chairman this year.   Flyers and information will be sent out closer to that date for those that are interested.  Rita also advised everyone to please maintain their properties, keep it mowed and edged, a well maintained yard benefits everyone in the neighborhood.  She also stated to please “clean up” after your dogs when walking.  She also remarked that next years meeting will be held the first Monday of March here at Groves Library and the cost is only $25.00.  We all think this is the best place for our meetings because of the convenience and parking.  Rita also made mention to our website, whoalubbock.com, and she invited everyone to go to the website for information regarding the neighborhood and she welcomes everyone’s thoughts and suggestions to better implement this project.

The Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Don Richardson
Secretary, WHOA