1.  MEETING WAS CALLED TO ORDER by President Jeanie Klopp at 7:00 p.m.

Introductions of Directors, Committees, & Supervisors:

President:  Jeanie Klopp

Secretary:  Priscilla Elliott

Treasurer:  Drue Gault

Members At Large:  Paul Combest, Epifanio Aquirre, Joe Mingolla

Architectural Committee:  John Craig, Kathee Lupton, & Priscilla Elliott

Pool Supervisor:  Drue Gault

Grounds Supervisor:  Dennis Garnett

Tree and Shrubs Beautification Committee:  Jack and Deborah Bearden

There were 47 members in attendance, a record number.

2.  THE MINUTES OF THE 2014 ANNUAL MEETING were published and presented to those attending.  It was moved and seconded the minutes be approved as published.  Motion carried.

3.  THE TREASURER’S 2014 FINANCIAL REPORT was presented by Drue Gault, along with the report for the repairs for the pool and the changes made to the pool area.  All reports were approved.  Copies of the 2014 Pool Policies listing new rules and hours of operation were available.

4.  GROUNDS SUPERVISOR Dennis Garnett gave a report on the trees and shrubs.  He is checking on the water system with the city.  The roofs on the pool house and gazebo  need replacing and he is currently seeking bids.  He also introduced Dale Holligan and his wife, Aleshia, as our grounds maintenance.

5.  COUNCILWOMAN Latrell Joy was unable to attend.  The Project Manager will bring us up to date on the mobile home park and the new apartment complex at the annual meeting.

6.  OTHER ISSUES OR COMMENTS: Benny Pope presented a program on how to be prepared for crisis and how to respond.  Tom Head will speak to individuals or groups on this issue.  WHOA  plans to have him speak at a later date.

Jeanie Klopp introduced and thanked Teresa Peacock for updating the web site.

Deborah Bearden stated need to replace trees and shrubs that have died.  Anyone interested in making a contribution toward these replacement costs may contact her.

Jeanie Klopp reminded members to attend the Family Cook Out on August 14, 2014.

7.  MEETING ADJOURNED at 8:15 p.m.             SUBMITTED BY:  Priscilla Elliott, Secretary