2013 Minutes

5520 19TH ST —  LUBBOCK, TX
7:00 P.M

  1. The meeting was called to order by President Rita Melton at 7:10 p.m.
    Board Members present were:  Rita Melton, President; Drue Gault, Treasurer; James Knight, Maintenance/Pool Mgr. and Paul combest, Member at Large.
    Special Guests were:  City of Lubbock Police Officer Mack Mc Broom (775-2969);  City of Lubbock Chief Operations Officer, Keith Smith (775-2341); Council Representative Latrell Joy could not attend.  Mc Broom gave a report on traffic and asked that events be reported to the Police.  Keith Smith spoke on traffic problems in our area and possible assistance.  He is new to the job, replacing Marsha Reed who had resigned.Unfortunately, attendance was hampered for several reasons which will be corrected — recorded attendance was 16.
  2. The Minutes of the 2012 Annual Meeting were published and presented to those attending.  It was moved and seconded the Minutes be approved as published.  Motion carried.  As Don Richardson has resigned as Secretary, a “thank you” was extended to Don for his service to the Board.
  3. The Treasurer’s 2012 Financial Statement was  published by Drue Gault, and presented to those attending.  It was moved and seconded the published report be approved as published.  Motion carried.  A “welcome” was made to Drue for assuming the position as new Treasurer.  As Debbie Aquirre has resigned as Treasurer, a “thank you” was extended to Debbie for her service to the Board.  Drue had received a letter from Betty Burelsmight about the traffic and street sweeping.  I visited with Betty and also called the City about more street sweeping.
  4. James Knight, Grounds Maintenance/Pool Manager, gave a report on the upcoming schedule for the 2013 Swimming Season and the hours of operations.  These will be published on the web site.  Questions arose concerning the pool possibly being open one or two nights until 9:00 p.m.  Mr. Knight will check to see if this is feasible, time involved and cost wise.
  5. Annual “WHOA YARD SALE” ———Rita reported that presently a sale was not scheduled.  No volunteers to plan the sale were received.
  6. Other isues or Comments ———Lack of attendance   —-  there were no comments.
    Rita reminded those in attendance, all residences in Whisperwood are single-family dwellings.  If owners rent to more than (one) family, they are in violation of the WHOA By-Laws as well as City Codes.
  7. The Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.                 Submitted by Rita Melton as acting Secretary due to vacancy.