2011 Minutes

4620-4th STREET
7:00 P.M.

1.  The meeting was called to order by President Rita Melton at 7:05 P.M.

Board Members present were:

Rita Melton, President
Loretta Downey,  Treasurer
James Knight
Paul Combest
Don Richardson, Secretary

Guests Speakers present were:

Marsha Reed & Sharmon Owens, City of Lubbock Traffic Engineering Dept.
Jonathan Steward & Mike Shipman, City of Lubbock Police Dept.
Holly Rand, The Green Queens Curbside Recycle Program

The sign-in sheet indicated 42 homeowners attended

2.  The Minutes of the 2010 Annual Meeting was read by Don Richardson and the minutes were approved.

3.  The Treasurers Financial Report was given by Loretta Downey and approved. Rita made mention that there were two paid officers on the Board, James Knight and Loretta Downey.  Loretta advised everyone that the pool expenses decreased by approximately $9,000 from the previous year, so we did see some improvement on the financials relative to the pool.

4.  Marsha Reed with the City of Lubbock Traffic Engineering Dept. discussed with the audience the road construction currently taking place around our neighborhood.  She stated that the traffic lights at 4th & the Loop should be operational mid next week.  The traffic lights at Slide Road and the Loop should be operational in 3-4 weeks depending upon the weather. She also stated that the 19th Street/Loop 289 project would be a diamond interchange and is scheduled to be completed in August 2011.  She advised everyone that Kevin Glasheen, a local attorney has purchased the land north and west of the Loop for development into Apartments, Duplexes and eventually commercial development. There is currently a large apartment complex being constructed and with the Northwest Passage project in its final stages, this will generate growth of residential and business development into this area.  Several attendees voiced their concerns to her regarding the speed of vehicles and vehicles running the stop sign at Utica and the Boulevard.  She thought that the police dept. could better address these issues, so both of our police officers in attendance took questions from the audience.  Jonathan Stewart & Mike Shipman stressed to the audience that they are aware of this situation and are looking at traffic calming devices for the neighborhood although this plan probably will not be put into effect until fall or spring 2012.  Another attendee stated that vehicles have also been seen going down the wrong way, such as people coming out of the bank lot at 4th & Toledo.  Rita stated to the audience that there have been traffic cops in the neighborhood patrolling the area and that she has seen vehicles pulled over so the police dept. is taking this seriously.  Several attendees also voiced their concerns regarding owners that are not taking care of their properties with one incident involving a family’s children who are destroying their home and leaving trash in their yard and street. Another incident involving empty beer cans in their alley.

5.  James Knight made a presentation as it regards the grounds and pool area.  He reported on the pool and said that the pool area was in good shape and the sprinkler systems were being repaired and is basically an ongoing process. He stated that the pool would be open beginning May 28th through August 21st and then on Labor Day Weekend Sept. 3rd – 5th and then it will be closed for the year.  Any one needing to reserve the pool house will need to see James and request a form to fill out and become aware of all rules and regulations regarding pool safety and usage.  Entry cards to the pool can be picked up at the pool or call Loretta if for some reason your entry card is not there. Also, Rita informed the audience that we needed to replace 4 new tables and 16 new chairs inside the pool area.  Several attendees voiced their concern regarding the maintenance of the areas along the access road and Loop 289 to the west.  They stated that there were times last year that the weeds were waist high.  James stated they mowed those areas 4 times last year.  Attendees also voiced their concerns regarding the two entrances into Whisperwood, the entrance at Loop 289 & the access road and the Loop 289 and Vale Avenue entrance.  Both entrances lack regular maintenance and a sprinkler system for the grass & other plantings. This issue brought several attendees to begin a discussion relative to our water expense.  The attendees would like for the Board to begin an analysis and feasibility study on whether we can operate our own water wells.  Short term cost would be the major impact to our bank accounts but could provide us with a plan to offset the higher costs of water usage in the years ahead.  One of our guests was Randy Sanders who will be running for the District 6 Council Seat remarked that we could see a doubling or tripling of our water usage costs in the next three to five years.  James made mention to the two areas of our brick exterior walls that were damaged by car crashes.  Both walls were repaired and the HOA was fully reimbursed by the insurance companies of those that perpetrated the damage.  Rita made mention that the City would be trimming the trees in the middle area of Whisperwood Boulevard since the City is responsible for that area.

6.  Rita discussed the watch program and security program within our neighborhood.  She advised everyone to keep back outside lights burning at night and to keep doors locked and garage doors down at all times.  She also advised everyone to keep their properties neat and orderly – mowed and edged as a well maintained yard benefits everyone in the neighborhood.  Rita also mentioned that all dog owners to “clean up” after walking them.  She also made mention to our website, whoalubbock.com and to please use it for information regarding the neighborhood and this is also a way of contacting her and the Board.

7.  Rita brought to the attention of the audience the Annual Community Garage Sale. Joe Mingolla who was our Garage Sale Chairman from last year reported that it was not as successful as the first year as only 8 people participated.   Discussion was made whether or not we should have another one this year, we all agreed to try it one more time, but that we would have each individual homeowner have their own garage sale at their residence.  We would use the website and pass out flyers to promote the sale.  We would also come up with a date for the sale at a later time in order for us to determine the best time for a successful sale.

8.  One of the attendees thought we needed to have a neighborhood pool party in order to get better acquainted with our neighbors.  Jessie Brewer agreed to chair a committee to get this going.  The committee members would be Randy Sanders, Demaris Dodd and Rita Melton.

9.  The Green Queens, a local curbside recycling service presented their program to the audience.  They provide semi-monthly pick up of all of your recycling products.  Each homeowner receives a supply of green bags which they can fill with the recycle products.  They have a website, greenqueens.org and invited everyone to participate in their program.

10. Rita concluded the meeting by saying that the annual meeting next year will be in March – Date and place to be announced later and will be posted on our website.
The Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Don Richardson

Secretary, WHOA